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Do weight loss pills work without exercise?

This is a very tricky question and hard to answer in a single word. Many diet pills claim they will produce weight loss without any physical exercise. On the other hand, doctors and physical trainers say that taking pills are nothing but a loss of health and money instead of weight. They claim that weight can be loosened by exercising and following a proper diet.

Diet pills that work without exercise:

The following weight loss pills claim to produce weight loss without any physical exercise or diet control from your side.

  1. Tenuate: Tenuate is the drug for treating obesity that many doctors write down on their prescription. It produces a significant weight loss even without any physical training. However, it has various side effects such as nervousness, headaches, dizziness and blurred vision.
  2. Phentermine: Phentermine directly acts on the central nervous system to produce a short-term weight loss. This drugs can work without physical exercise; however, overweight victims are suggested to work out daily for getting the best result. Do not use this medication if you are a patient of glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease, and alcohol or drug abuse.
  3. Xenical: The commercial name Xenical is Orlistat or Alli. This pill works by blocking the fatty portion from your daily meal. You can eat as much fat consuming food as you want while taking this pill. It will only lead that food to an oily stool. However, consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

Conclusion: So you may think few pills work without exercise. However, have you ever thought, if there was a diet pill that does not require any physical workout from your end, why would someone spend millions of dollar on stomach stapling or liposuction? How the “Biggest Loser” could be one of the most famous reality TV shows of all time. Think once again before taking any weight loss pills that works without exercise.

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