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Does lipozene work? – Detailed Review Done

So you love to party every weekend after a busy week and prefer work only and no exercise? You love pizza with extra cheese, pastry with cream filling and beer with pork, red meat or shellfish. After all these you want to be in shape? Then good news for you as Lipozene offers weight loss without changing your lifestyle.

What is Lipozene (From Company’s Point of view): Lipozene is a diet controlling, weight losing supplement that is made and sold by the American company Obesity Research Institute LLC. The product is made by the root of the plant Konjac. The primary ingredients in Lipozene are Glucomannan. Glucomannan helps to control Cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and treating constipation. But above all, it became famous for its weight losing ability.

The product offers the fastest weight loss without any physical exercise. Lipozene has become the number one dietary supplement by selling more than 25 million bottles. The company also offers buy one and get free. The product can be ordered from both lipozene.com and Amazon.com

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A bottle of lipozene cost $29.95 only, with free shipping.

What is Lipozene (From a Consumer’s Point of view):

  1. The company, Obesity Research Institute LLC, was fined 1.5 million dollars back in 2005 for using crazy and impractical claims for marketing.
  2. Lipozene is nothing but a renovated version of two old banned dietary supplements like Fiberthin and Propolene.
  3. The biggest problem with Lipozene: Taking lipozene is not training yourself to eat less. It is nothing but an artificial feeling of full tummy that drives you to eat less. From the moment you will stop taking Lipozene, your lost weight will start coming back.

The side effects of Lipozene:

  • Fatigue
  • Colon injuries
  • Gas and Flatulence
  • Constipation
  • Dullness and General Weakness

Conclusion: So these are the myths that published by the company and real fact about Lipozene. Now we leave the judgment to the readers, that Lipozene works or not.

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