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Can weight loss pills cause miscarriage?

The simplest straight forward answer to this question is “Yes”. Few researches have shown that weight loss pills cause miscarriage. Even you may also have to struggle with getting pregnant if you are taking these pills for an extended period.

Many weight loss pills contain caffeine more the hundred to two hundred milligrams.  And research shown that a pregnant lady should not take more than hundred milligrams of caffeine per day.  So taking weight loss pills may lead to miscarriage. Apart from miscarriage, weight loss pills may also cause to premature delivery. On the other hand, if you take diet pills or weight loss pills that will prevent your unborn baby from getting essential nutritional needs.

When a pregnant woman starts taking weight loss pills that prevent her from gaining weight naturally. It means weight loss control pills may cause the embryo to voluntary abort during the first few months of pregnancy. Many weight loss or diet control pills consist herbs that are not natural. These medicinal herbs are not only dangerous but also encourage the chance of miscarriage.

  • Do your research and you will come to know that there are many drugs that are not certified by the Food and Drug Administration of your country. This kind of pills gain the heart beats of the user that leads to burning more calories. As a resultant, you lose weight and get your dream shape. But have you ever thought, it may cost you a heart attack or stroke. If not, then give it a thought. Diet pills are not safe even in general. The American Pregnancy Association strongly recommends that a pregnant woman should avoid diet pills at any cost. So this is not a good idea to swallow weight loss pills during pregnancy.
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