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Can Weight Loss Pills Cause Depression?

It is not a hard thing to understand that gaining weight may lead you to depression or mania. But what if someone told you that the vice versa is also possible. Yes, many diet pills lead to depression.

Weight Loss Pills and Depression

Body weight problem and depression walk hand in hand. It is hard to say which one comes first. Sometimes depression leads to gain or lose weight. On the other hand, many diet pills lead to depression. But today we will focus on weight loss pills that cause depression.

  • Depression and other emotional issues:

Many diet pills harms your mental well-being. Stimulants that are present in diet pills leads to anxiety, mood swing, depression, nervousness and irritability. If someone with past of depression, use weight loss pills may have to experience symptoms of relapse or worsened. Diet pills increase the chances of eating disorder like bulimia, binge eating disorder or anorexia.

  • Insomnia:

Taking stimulant-based diet pills is very dangerous for both of your mental and physical health. As it produces nervous thoughts, anxiety, etc. may keep you up at night. The frustration of sleepless night will lead a morning muzziness. As an overall all result you may experience the clouds of depression over your head always.

  • Dependency on Weight Loss Pills:

Someone who is taking best diet pills for a long time may have to struggle while leaving the pill. These pills will make you an addict of it, as a resultant, you will be afraid to leave pills. Many tablet users think that they will gain weight again, once they stop taking pills. This kind of thought is nothing but nervousness or depression.

Last Words:

It is not a rocket science to understand that weight loss pills can cause depression. So it is better to avoid using weight loss pills.

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