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7 Best Over The Counter Diet Pills with Coupons

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Many herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies have been used as alternatives to bariatric surgery and prescription appetite suppressants for weight loss, and numerous over-the-counter combinations of these are available. Almost all are safe and effective, but pills are not a substitute for diet and exercise. Here is a brief survey of ten of the leading commercial preparations.

Top Over The Counter Diet Pills Reviewd


Alli Diet Pills


Alli is the over-the-counter form of orlistat, which is also available by prescription (Xenical) and by blocking the absorption of dietary ifat. About half of people taking Alli while dieting and exercising had “clinically meaningful” weight loss (5 per cent or more of total body weight), which is the amount needed to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other complications of obesity.

The side effects are mostly due to passage of undigested fats, and include abdominal discomfort, gas, frequent or urgent stools, diarrhea and oily discharge from the anus.




    Apidren is generally considered the most potent of the over-the-counter diet pills, and both slows down the storage of ingested calories as fat and increases the rate of metabolism and shifts it in favor of burning fat. It does not contain potentially harmful or bothersome stimulants. Read our ultimate Apidren Review article.


    Dieter’s Cheating Caps

    Dieter’s Cheating Caps

    Like Alli discussed above, Dieter’s Cheating Caps are intended to block the absorption of fat but also decreases appetite, and offers a 100 per cent guarantee of satisfaction.

    The advantage of Dieter’s Cheating Caps is that short-term use can minimize or even repair damage done to your diet by a brief lapse, but these capsules do not affect metabolic rate or fat burning, and they contain large doses of fiber which may cause gas and other discomfort.


    Green Tea Extract Pro

    Green Tea Extract Pro

    This extract of green tea, long recommended for weight loss, is advertised as the most powerful such product on the market.
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    Unlike many such preparations, its ingredients are all listed and are not a proprietary formula; in addition, it contains the amounts of these ingredients that have been shown in studies to have the desired effect (“clinically proven”). The combined diuretic and laxative effects of dandelion root may be too much for some people, but otherwise this is a safe product.




    Lipoclen is a very safe product, and contains 12 ingredients associated with weight loss: 10 fat burners, 4 appetite suppressants, 3 detoxifying agents and 2 compounds that block fat absorption.

    Some of these ingredients are stimulants but no serious adverse effects have been reported. There is evidence that this combination is effective, but the small doses of these many ingredients may not be enough for some users.


    7-day Weight Loss Pill

    7-day Weight Loss Pill

    The 7-day Weight Loss Pill is intended for short-term use, either to lose a few pounds picked up during a lapse from diet or exercise or as a support for detoxification efforts. It contains a diuretic to help woth detoxication and “water weight”, as well as fat burners and appetite suppressants. You need 56 pills in a 70day course, however, taken 4 twice a day, 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, with an 8-ounce glass of water.


    FenFast 375

    fenfast review

    FenFast 375 has a thermogenic effect: it drives the body to burn more calories and in particular to metabolize more fat than it is otherwise able to do. It is most effective when taken under medical supervision and combined with an individual exercise program based on your fitness level. In addition to accelerating fat burning, FenFast suppresses appetitie, enhances energy and thereby promotes activity and exercise and improves mood, which makes you less likely to overeat. FenFast has been found in some studies to reduce calorie intake by up to 50 per cent, and may bring about the loss of up to 25 pounds in a month.

    Its ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, American-made and present in the “clinically proven” amount, which is the dose shown in studies to have the desired weight loss effect.

    The chief ingredient in Fenfast is beta-phenylethylamine, which is derived from phenylalanine and is a distant relative of amphetamine that does not have the untoward effects of that stimulant drug. Phenylethylamine causes the release of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine within the nervous system; it is involved in the exercise-induced “runner’s high” and is also the “love drug” that is responsible for some of the effects of chocolate. Phenylethylamine has several different weight-reducing effects, including appetite suppression, increased metabolism and a boost in energy. These effects were greater in the obese patients who took part in FenFast trials, and they had a larger overall reduction in body weight than other dieters, and significantly more weight loss than dieters taking a placebo.

    Hordenine is found in many plants, particularly in cacti and grasses, and is closely related to phenylethylamine; it is a mild stimulant of the central nervous system and both increases activity and decreases appetite and appetite stimulant. L-threonine is an essential amino acid and is made into another amino acid, glycine, that has a calming and muscle relaxing effect; this makes you feel more like exercising and less like eating, and improves motivation to continue with a diet and weight loss program.

    Our Recommendation

    We like FenFast 375 best of this group, because it provides a complete range of diet-enhancing effects, especially when combined with an individualized program of exercise appropriate to your level of fitness.

    Mood-stabilizing ingredients lessen anxiety, insomnia and depression, which can cause people to exercise too little and eat too much. Mild stimulants can produce a boost in energy that favors activity and exercise, without the effects of prescription drugs or a “crash” in energy later.

    These also decrease appetite and reduce the number of calories consumed while ingredients that increase the rate of metabolism allow more calories to be burned, and to increase the breakdown and metabolism of fat particularly. Over-the-counter diet pills such as these are not by themselves the answer to a weight problem, but are effective, safe and reasonably-priced aids to a weight loss program and to better health and greater well-being.

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